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The future of Arizona's water largely depends on how all of us responsibly reuse and recycle wastewater. Every time you take a shower, flush a toilet, wash a load of clothes or clean your dishes, you're sending water down a drain and into a complex underground system.

Once it's in that system, the waste is broken down, treated and ultimately reused or recycled. Our six wastewater treatment facilities serve more than 55,000 families and businesses in Arizona, helping transform wastewater into clean water.

An amazing transformation

Recycled wastewater keeps our communities green. Used on golf courses and parks, treated wastewater is also put back deep underground into the aquifer, and eventually reused in our homes and businesses. Industry experts estimate that up to 90% of the treated effluent in Arizona is recharged or recycled.

Wastewater may be a dirty business, but it's also a critical one for Arizona's water future. We're working day and night to transform what you put down the drain into clean, safe, reusable water.