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We process millions of gallons of wastewater every day. Everything that goes down the drain eventually reaches the wastewater treatment facility. Inorganic solids must be filtered, screened and, often manually removed from the system.

When a foreign object clogs a pipe or chokes a pump, we have to manually suspend operations, diagnose the problem and fix it. That costs time and money. To do our work efficiently, we need your help.

Please keep your wastewater system healthy by following these tips on what should and shouldn't go down the drain.

In the Kitchen

  • Remove stickers from fruits and veggies before you wash and peel. Those stickers accumulate and, eventually, they can clog screens in the treatment facility.
  • Freeze fats, oils and greases and toss them in the trash when you're ready. Never put them down the drain. All that slippery stuff damages your pipes as well as the wastewater system. Learn more.

In the Bathroom

  • Dispose of medication properly. Flushing medicine puts all those chemicals into waste and, eventually, into your groundwater supply. Instead of flushing, call your local pharmacy to find an approved drop-off site — or toss them in the trash.
  • Never flush "flushable" wipes. While manufacturers say they're OK, the fact is that flushable wipes choke the pumps in the wastewater facility, and cause extensive delays in processing.