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​Prior to any excavation, make sure all utilities in the area have been located.

  • Call Alberta One-Call at 1-800-242-3447. Locates will take one to two weeks. Please ensure these timelines are included in your work schedule.

  • Ensure that your work site (digging area) is reflected accurately on the locate ticket. All utilities should be marked with paint or flags.
    • Note: Private utilities are not marked by Alberta One-Call. It's the contractor's responsibility to locate secondary services on commercial, multi-family and industrial sites.
  • No mechanical excavation is allowed within one metre of the locate marks for underground power lines. Worker must hand-expose or hydrovac all utilities within this zone.
  • Depths and numbers of cables will vary. Use caution and ensure the hand-dig zone is large enough to expose all cables in your dig area.
  • If the dig site requires you to suspend large sections of cable (greater than two metres), notify EPCOR's Power Trouble at 780-412-4500 and they will put you in touch with a Safety Codes Officer. The cable may have to be de-energized or supported to prevent physical damage and ensure your safety.
  • Be aware that high voltage equipment (such as a transformer or switching cubicle) has a ground grid around it that will not be marked by locators. Maintain a two-metre safe zone around this equipment.
  • All cables must be covered with a minimum 30 cm of sand prior to back filling procedures.
  • For your safety do not handle or manipulate any underground cable. This may cause the cable to fail which may result in injury or death.