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‚ÄčLimits of approach

Limits of approach were designed to keep you working safely on the job site. Safe working distance is 7 metres from an over head power line, unless confirmed otherwise by EPCOR. If you need to work within 7 metres of the power line, please contact Power Trouble.

  • Know the limits of approach for equipment and workers and follow the guidelines.
  • Mark locations of all overhead power lines on plans and drawings.
  • Ensure there's enough clearance to keep workers and equipment safe from overhead lines.
  • Check the provincial regulations.
  • Call your utility service provider for clearance requirements specific to your area and the job.
  • Set up signs warning of overhead power lines.

Guiding loads

The single job of a designated signaller is to keep large equipment away from power lines. The signaller should know the limits of approach and keep equipment operators working safely.

  • A signaller helps equipment operators steer clear of overhead lines.
  • The signaller should stand out from the other workers and use a clear set of signals easily understood by the equipment operator.
  • Make sure the signaller can signal the equipment operator quickly and easily if there is danger of contacting a power line.

Large equipment

Every year workers operating large equipment are injured or killed because of contacts with overhead lines. Follow these safe work practices:

  • Keep vehicles clear of lines. Dump trucks, concrete rigs, cranes and other high-rise equipment can contact overhead power lines. Work with a designated signaler to keep safely away and don't forget to lower your buckets and booms before moving equipment under power lines.
  • Plan your worksite to minimize travel under power lines. Ensure safe work distances are being followed.
  • Employees should keep clear of all big equipment/machines working around power lines.
  • Machines should display a sign stating "Keep clear: working near electrical lines."
  • To arrange for a high load escort.