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​Power equipment training protects your business

Your most valuable resource is your workforce. It's important to invest in electrical safety rules and training to ensure every worker and contractor on your worksite knows how to work around power equipment.

In addition to potential human costs, a safety incident could damage equipment and property, increase insurance costs and Workers' Compensation Board premiums, or result in fines from the Province of Alberta. Occupational Health and Safety could issue a Stop Work Order, which would result in lost productivity and possibly penalties for not meeting contractual obligations.

Think power line contacts are few and far between? Think again. In 2020 there were over 70 power line contacts in Edmonton. That's more than one per week.

  Ensure that everyone on your worksite is properly trained

Electrical safety in the workplace is everyone's responsibility. It's up to employers to make sure workers have the skills and training to do their jobs safely, including:

  • Work practices and procedures
  • Safe use of equipment
  • Selection and use of personal protective equipment and safety equipment.

You're also responsible for making sure that their supervisors are competent and familiar with relevant OHS legislation that applies to the work performed.
Know your responsibilities

Know the Alberta safety legislation, regulations, and codes

The Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation, and Code outlines many of the workplace health and safety responsibilities of an employer, and obligations that you, as the employer, must meet.



This webpage provides information regarding safe work practices in relation to EPCOR power facilities. Employers and contractors have responsibilities under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (Alberta OHS) Act, Code, and Regulation. When there is a conflict between this document and any bylaws, legislation, or regulation, the relevant law prevails. Any reliance placed on this information is strictly at your own risk. EPCOR does not assume any responsibility or liability for any action, loss or damage that arises out of, or is in connection with the information contained in this webpage.