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Stay safe around power equipment

Every year, workers in Alberta strike overhead power lines and underground cables. The highest risk industries are construction, transportation, agriculture, and oil and gas, where workers and contractors are near energized lines with large vehicles and equipment.

From planning a safe route when moving oversized loads to operating large equipment near energized lines, workers have to focus on more than just their trade. Consistent and comprehensive underground and overhead power line safety training is critical to making sure all workers get to go home at the end of the day.

Don't become a power line statistic. 


Report an emergency. Call us 24/7.

If you strike a power line or cable or encounter any other dangerous situation involving electricity, call 911 immediately and tell them the exact location. They will make sure the scene is secured until we can get an EPCOR crew to turn off the power and ensure the area is safe.
  Call 911


What to do in an emergency

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation involving electricity, what you do next could mean the difference between life and death. Learn how to stay safe while working near overhead power lines and around electricity, and know the steps you need to take if you do come into contact with a power line or other electrical infrastructure.
Learn more about electricity emergency measures


Stay safe while you work

Everyone on a worksite has a role to play in maintaining safe work practices and a safe work environment. A culture of safety starts with employees knowing their rights and employers knowing their responsibilities, from planning the work and assessing the hazards to modelling safe practices at the worksite. Follow all safety guidelines for working with equipment near power lines and underground cables, including safe distance from overhead power lines and underground cables, power equipment safety tips, and working with ladders and scaffolding.
Learn more about safe work planning

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Working in close proximity to electrical equipment

Working in Close Proximity to Electrical Equipment is a guide for employers and contractors who work around EPCOR's electrical facilities and equipment. The guide covers safety measures for approaching and working around electrical equipment.
Find out more about working in​
​ close proximity to electrical equipment

First responders also need power line safety awareness training

Power line hazards can hide in everyday emergencies. Without power line safety awareness, first responders may be putting themselves at risk of injury or even death.
Follow these steps to stay safe on the scene


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How we can help you work safe

If you are working within 7 metres of our overhead power equipment or digging within 1 metre of underground distribution power equipment, please take the time to do it safely. Familiarize yourself with the Alberta safety codes.
Find out how we can help



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