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​Stay safe by maintaining your home's power and water equipment

Flip a switch and the lights come on. Turn a knob and water flows from the faucet. We don't usually think about the infrastructure that provides us with these conveniences.

Most of the infrastructure for power and water is outside, on your property. You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the power and water lines and equipment.

If at any time you have questions about power or water lines on or around your property, contact us.



Report an issue

Report a water leak, cable fault or power line issue.   

You can call us 24/7.

Ph: (780) 412-4500





Call before you dig

Ph: 1 (800) 242-3447


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Electrical safety at home

Make your home a safer place for you and your family by following general electricity safety around the home guidelines, especially for your plug-ins, appliances, and heating devices. And don't forget, water and electricity don't mix.
Get tips on indoor
electricity safety


Outdoor safety at home

Enjoy your yard, pool, or hot tub, but keep yourself and your family safe by respecting overhead power lines and underground cables. Get tips on outdoor
electricity safety


Power meter inspections improve safety

It's important to routinely inspect the conduit leading up to the power meter at your home, identify any damage and complete necessary repairs. Be sure your landscaping and/or fencing does not block access to the meter.Learn what to look for
by the power meter


Landscaping and clearance requirements near
power equipment

Homeowners have a responsibility to maintain space around electrical equipment on their property. When EPCOR crews need to access this equipment, it's important that there's room to work safely.Understand the minimum clearance
for electrical equipment


 Ensure you're digging safely

Know where underground utilities are before digging for posts, planting trees, or excavating in your yard, and learn how to dig safely near buried
power lines.

Learn how to
safely locate lines


 Your responsibility for power cables on your property

As the property owner, you are responsible for any utility service cables that run from your property line up to and including your power meter socket. There are specific steps you need to take if there is a cable fault.Learn what you should
do about a cable fault


Water pipes on your property

Access to water is our shared responsibility. In addition to helping to prevent flooding, you are responsible for utility service line repairs on your property.
Keep your water pipes
in good repair


Prevent frozen pipes

Prevention is the first line of defence against frozen water lines. Maintaining your property inside and out will help prevent frozen pipes, but if they do freeze there are some steps you can take before calling in the professionals.Prevent your pipes from freezing

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 Reporting a water leak

The underground pipes that carry water from our treatment plants to Edmonton homes and businesses can break under environmental stress. Always report broken and leaking water pipes, whether on your property or on City property. Report a water leak


Drainage pipes on your property

You have a role to play in helping us keep wastewater and stormwater moving efficiently into the drainage system.
Maintain the sewer lines
on your property

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This webpage provides information only. Any reliance placed on this information is strictly at your own risk. EPCOR does not assume any responsibility or liability for any action, loss or damage that arises out of, or is in connection with the information contained in this webpage.