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With spring comes rising temperatures and snow melt.

Each year as the weather warms, snow around our community begins to melt and flow back into our drains and local rivers. During this time, freezing and thawing of snow melt causes catch basins to become blocked, river conditions to change and the ground to shift, increasing the number of water mains breaks.

Help prepare for the changing conditions around your home this year by keeping your catch basins clear of ice and debris and reporting any main breaks.

​Here's what can happen during spring


Streets can flood

You can help prevent pooling on roadways by keeping catch basins clear of ice and debris.

More about catch basins


Water mains can break

Changing temperatures cause the earth to shift and pipes to break. If you see a water main break, call (780) 412-4500.

About water main breaks


River conditions change

We work around the clock to keep your drinking water safe and clean. As river conditions change, we adjust with it. 

Spring runoff and water quality



Call us if you have a water issue this spring. We're here to help.

If you see a water emergency, like a burst water line or main break, please report Edmonton water outages or other water system trouble by calling our 24/7 emergency line.

Call us at (780) 412-4500