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Our water quality standards exceed those set in our Approval to Operate or in the Health Canada Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. To ensure that we continue to meet or exceed standards for the system, we have several programs in place. The Water Quality Index measures the number of treated water tests conducted that meet our internal water quality standards. In 2016, the Water Quality Index score was 99.73% (61,480 out of a total of 61,644 tests passed our internal quality standards).

Spring run-off occurs in March/ April each year and results in reduced raw water quality. Our treatment plants increase their use of Powdered Activated Carbon to remove odour-causing compounds from the treated water. Each year we recruit a panel of Edmonton customers to participate in our Home Sniffing Program. These customers rate the odour of the treated water from the hot and cold taps in their home. 

In addition to the Water Quality Index and the Home Sniffing Customer Satisfaction Rating, we strive to meet other requirements set by the City of Edmonton Performance Based Regulation (PBR). These measures ensure we maintain performance with regards to the reliability of the system, the water quality, customer service, the environment and safety.

About our water quality standards   Download the pdf