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We have in place a number of systems and plans to ensure that we are able to both protect public health and minimize impact to the environment. These systems and plans are revisited annually to look at new developments that would impact our commitments to the community. They include the Environmental Management System, the Operations Plan and the Drinking Water Safety Plan. One of our major goals is to achieve and maintain registration of these plans to the ISO14001 international standard for Environmental Management Systems.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) provides EPCOR Water Treatment Plants with an overarching set of standards and procedures that support operational activities and address environmental risks associated with operating the system. We've integrated the EMS with the Occupational Health & Safety Management System requirements to ensure that all risks/hazards, both to the environment and to workers, are addressed for each operational area. The systems are audited every year and action plans are implemented. 

The Operations Program for the Edmonton Waterworks is comprised of plans, operational philosophies and procedures used by staff to manage the waterworks system. This ensures consistent production and reliable delivery of high quality drinking water while reducing environmental impacts. The Operations Program is also a key component of the Approval to Operate that is issued by Alberta Environment and Parks. A team of subject matter experts from across EPCOR Water Canada collaborate throughout the year to keep the Operations Program up to date and changes to the Operations Program are reviewed annually by management.

Our Drinking Water Safety Plan demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a source-to-tap, multi barrier approach to provide safe drinking water to its customers. The Drinking Water Safety Plan addresses public health risks associated with the supply of drinking water. Over 40 EPCOR managers and subject matter experts were involved in identifying and assessing these risks to the water system and public health. The risks were broken down into five "Source-to-Tap" areas: Source Risk, Treatment Risks, Reservoir Risks, Pipeline Risks and Customer Risks. When assessing risks, the team looked at developing trends and issues in water treatment and supply and incidents that have occurred in EPCOR and in the industry in general. This in-depth review resulted in the addition of 7 new risks to the 36 risks that were already identified on the 2017 key risk registry. These key risks have defined action plans to reduce the level of risk. 

How we protect the public and the environment   Download the PDF