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Health screening tool - ECHO

To support this requirement, non-embedded contractors are now able to use EPCOR COVID Health Outlook (ECHO), our mobile-supported COVID health screening tool.

The use of ECHO for non-embedded contractors is not mandatory, however we are making it available for use by contractors that could benefit from the convenience of a mobile health screening tool.

We strongly encourage non-embedded contractors who report to or work on EPCOR sites where health screening is being conducted to use ECHO as it is generally much more efficient than a verbal questionnaire.

About ECHO

  • The version of ECHO used by embedded contractors is different from the version for non-embedded contractors because it will not trigger any follow up from EPCOR Abilities Management.
  • If anon-embedded contractor successfully passes ECHO, no identifiable information about how they responded to questions will be collected (other than that they passed) and that individual will have an "all clear" sign on their phone.
  • If anon-embedded contractor fails an ECHO screening, data that will be collected about what triggered the failure but this will be automatically purged from the system after 48 hours. They will be expected to comply with the ECHO directive to follow public health guidance and obtain appropriate employer clearance before returning to an EPCOR site.

How to access ECHO

Visit this link from a mobile browser on a personal device:

OR scan the QR code below: