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We always conduct business with a high degree of integrity. And we always respect your privacy while complying with applicable legislation.

Here's how we interact with our customers and the public.

Online and electronically

By mail

  • Bills and bill stuffers (customers)
  • Project or open house notifications


  • Open houses
  • EPCOR meter readers or public consultation representatives (we don't employ door-to-door sales representatives)
  • Our representatives will always present EPCOR identification and wear EPCOR-branded apparel

By phone

  • Billing/Customer Service
  • Operations (repair and outage notifications and information)
  • Collections

Note: We will always work with you to come up with payment options before any kind of disconnection.

In advertising

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Websites

Report suspicious activity

Visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud website for more information on scams and how to report them.