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​A social vision rooted in purpose

We provide clean water and safe, reliable energy, and are proud to be a socially responsible corporation. Our vision is to be a premier essential services company, trusted by customers and valued by stakeholders. That commitment to stakeholders has spanned generations — from the company's founding in 1891 — and was further amplified in 2020 with the adoption of our purpose statement: Communities count on us. We count on each other.

Some of the many ways communities count on EPCOR are captured in the Social section of our ESG scorecard, which speaks to:

  • Being a company that puts safety first in everything it does, and living the belief that there is nothing more important than the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the public.
  • Building a workforce that is reflective of the diversity of the communities we serve, and a workplace where people feel respected, valued and part of a team.
  • Being trusted by its customers to deliver excellent service, reliability, quality and cost.
  • Engaging with Indigenous Nations and Peoples, and community stakeholders, so it designs, builds and operates critical infrastructure in a way that is aligned with the interests and priorities of the community, and that meets the needs of the broader society.
  • Creating economic value for its stakeholders through returns to investors, employment, procurement, taxation and community investment.

Scorecard at a glance

The social dimensions of EPCOR's performance are fundamental to our ability to successfully execute our long-term plan. Five of the 10 ESG factors rated most material to the company — affordability and access, community relations, the rights of Indigenous peoples, workforce health and safety, and human capital management — are found in the Social section of our 2020 ESG report. The significance of social factors is also reflected in the four focus areas of EPCOR's long-term plan: people, growth, operational excellence, and communities.

​Total recordable injury frequency (TRIF)

The number of recordable incidents for every 100 full-time workers over a one-year period​​

Lost-time ​injury frequency (LTIF)​

The number of lost-time injuries per 1 million hours worked

Lea​d mitigation

Cumulative number of the 360 high priority residential lead service lines (LSLs) replaced under EPCOR's Enhanced Lead Mitigation Strategy​​

Employee eng​​​agement

In 2020, top quartile performance compared to similar companies was 75% or better and top decile performance was 82% or better​​​

Employee turno​​ver

Employee departures for all reasons divided by year-end headcount

​Visib​​le minority

The percentage of EPCOR's Canada (16.9%) and U.S. workforce (34.6%) who self-identified as visible minorities​

​Women in th​e workforce

The percentage of EPCOR's Canada and U.S. workforce who are women. Within senior leadership, 21.4% of positions are held by women

Corporate ​reputation

EPCOR's reputation rating in Edmonton compared to its nearest utility peer (percentage points)

Customer satisfaction

The number of customer satisfaction metrics that meet or exceed full-year satisfaction targets set by regulators (5 of 5)

Reasona​ble costs

Average annual operating costs per customer

​R​eliable power distribution

Average number of minutes power service is interrupted in EPCOR electricity distribution service territories per year

Safe​ water

Number of acute health-based drinking water violations from EPCOR controlled activities​

Prompt service

​​Percentage of Edmonton drainage maintenance calls resolved within 24-hours

Public engagement

The number of community participants in engagement processes conducted at the “Advise” ​level or higher in the IAP2 engagement spectrum​

Economic value distributed

Economic value delivered to stakeholders, including suppliers, employees, providers of capital, governments and community organizations

Community investment

Economic value delivered to stakeholders through donations and sponsorships in 2020

Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification

Level achieved to date in the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business recognition program​

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  • A safety-first culture, driving to zero incidents
  • Edmonton households comply with new Health Canada guidelines for lead at the tap by 2025, prior to provincial regulation. EPCOR has replaced 360 high priority LSLs by 2023, and commissioned the orthophosphate system
  • Top decile employee engagement against a group of comparator companies by 2023
  • EPCOR's workforce is reflective of the diversity of the communities it serves
  • EPCOR's reputation exceeds its nearest utility peer by five points or more
  • 100% of customer satisfaction ratings meet or exceed regulated targets
  • Average operating costs per customer increase 2% per year or less, over a three-year period
  • Power service is interrupted for fewer than 70 minutes per year, per customer
  • Zero acute health-based drinking water violations from EPCOR controlled activities
  • 80% of drainage maintenance calls are resolved within 24 hours
  • Achieve Imagine Canada's Caring Companies designation by 2023 by donating 1% of pre-tax income to community causes
  • Achieve PAR “Committed" status by 2021, achieve “Bronze" level performance certification by 2023, and set targets for higher level performance once “Bronze" level status achieved

​Behind the numbers: scorecard in co​​ntext

Our social scorecard:

Confirms that we are a company that puts safety first in everything we do, reporting on safety performance across our workforce.

Commits to building a workforce that is reflective of the diversity of the communities we serve, reporting on workforce demographics in relation to community composition.

​​​ Affirms the importance of earning the trust of our customers, reporting on customer service ratings, reliability and quality performance, as well as cost.

Demonstrates our efforts to align with the interests and priorities of the community, reporting on Indigenous and community stakeholder engagement.

Illustrates the diverse ways we create economic value for stakeholders, reporting on a range of cash flows that sustain the community.


Health and safety

Our commitment to health and safety starts in the workplace and extends into the community. We aim to be a company where safety matters most, so that we can continue to provide safe and reliable essential services to our customers and preserve the environment.

Our commitment to health and safety 


Our people

We're striving to achieve top decile employee engagement levels. We're working to create a workforce that is reflective of the diversity in the  communities we serve, and a workplace that respects, values and leverages different opinions, beliefs, lifestyles and experiences.

Our people are fundamental to our success


Serving our customers

Whether it’s delivering high quality customer service; prudently managing the business to keep costs reasonable; or an unwavering commitment to ensuring safe, reliable services, our people are living our company’s purpose every day — knowing that communities count on us.

 How we serve our customers


Community engagement and support

Our communities and partners are important to us. We don't just say that—we act on it. We get involved, ask questions and really listen to what people have to say. Our relationships are meaningful, and this helps us build stronger communities.

We're building strong communities

​Featured story

Our health and safety values extend to every aspect of our business, from our employees and the services we provide to our customers and communities.


A look inside: EPCOR's safety culture

EPCOR believes in safety. From their first day at work, employees recognize that safety is a core part of everything EPCOR does. We put a lot of emphasis on creating a safe place to work—physically and mentally. We demonstrate that commitment by ensuring safety has a place at the highest levels of our organization.

Experience our safety culture

​Additional resources

Here's some more information on EPCOR’s social, programs and performance.

What you'll find​
Our Indigenous Relations page

Information on:

  • EPCOR's Indigenous Relations Steering Committee
  • EPCOR's partnership with the University of Alberta's First Peoples' House
  • Projects at EPCOR's water treatment plants and engagement with Indigenous Nations
​Our Public Engagement Framework

EPCOR’s Public Engagement Framework describes the company’s five stages of engagement, and commitments for each stage.           

Indigenous Vendor Registration

A database of Indigenous businesses and suppliers, which operate in the communities EPCOR serves, to help facilitate new business relationships and commercial partnerships.

Our Community Investment page

Information on:

  • The Heart + Soul Fund
  • EPCOR's charitable partnerships
  • Sponsorships

​Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy

​EPCOR is committed to building a culture that supports a workplace free of occupational injury and illness and minimizes harm to people and the environment. This policy outlines our beliefs along with our commitments to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors, the public and the environment.

Learn more about the emphasis we place on safety.

Our ​Financial Information Page

​An overview of dividends paid to the City of Edmonton since 1996, as well as links to quarterly reports and year-end financial results dating back to 2005. The page also includes information on EPCOR's credit rating and links to its Annual Information Forms on SEDAR.

Rate Cases (EPCOR USA)

​Information about rate cases in several U.S. operating areas, and the water rate review by the Arizona Corporation Commission
​Operating costs per customer: ​Proposed plans for EPCOR's Edmonton water cycle utilities
  • The applications propose capital and operating programs for 2022-2026 (Water) and 2022-2024 (Drainage and Wastewater Treatment), including business cases for all projects of $5 million or more
  • The executive summary provides an orientation to the filings and a summary of the proposal. The filings include more than 2,500 pages of detailed plans for the water-cycle utilities.
  • Information about EPCOR's rates, terms and conditions, and services is also provided.

Water Quality Data

  • ​Daily, weekly and monthly water quality data for the Edmonton region, showing test results for both raw river water and treated drinking water

Outage information and alerts

  • Resources for customers about how to prepare and respond to a utility outage
  • Power and water outage maps
  • Sign-up information for automated outage alerts

Power reliability

  • ​EPCOR’s award-winning approach to implementing risk-based asset management for power distribution to improve the reliability of the grid

Advanced meters

  • ​An update on how EPCOR is modernizing its meter reading system to serve customers more effectively and increase the reliability of services

Our Projects page

  • ​Learn about upcoming and current projects, and how to provide input and ask questions​​