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Okotoks Outdoor Water Ban

August 08, 2017

Latest update: August 8, 2017

Water ban downgraded to water restriction

The Town of Okotoks is relaxing the water ban to allow outdoor water use one-day per week, based on usage over the past two weeks.

Beginning immediately, even numbered addresses (ending in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 0) will be permitted to water on Tuesdays and odd numbered addresses (ending in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) will be permitted to water on Thursdays from 6-8 a.m. or from 7-9 p.m.

Residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to only water once per day in order to continue to conserve water sources.

The most recent report indicates that water demand has declined and maintained sustainable levels since the ban was implemented. The following chart provides the latest data on usage over the long weekend.


The Town, in consultation with EPCOR, will continue to monitor well and reservoir levels in addition to demand to ensure the system is maintained. Should usage begin to increase above sustainable levels, the Town will consider re-imposing the water ban.

The community will continue to be updated on water use throughout the summer. For more information, go to

For media inquiries contact:
Chris Radford
Operations and Infrastructure Director
Tel: (403) 938-8922

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August 4, 2017

Water ban continues while Town monitors long weekend usage

As a result of the community’s cooperation in following the mandated water ban, the Town of Okotoks is monitoring the supply and demand to consider introducing a partial return to outdoor watering.

Community demand for water decreased by more than six million litres on consecutive days, which has provided the time needed for the reservoirs to recharge to sustainable levels.


While more time is needed to ensure the reservoirs are maintaining these levels, staff are evaluating the opportunity for residents and businesses to resume outdoor watering on a limited schedule in the next two weeks. Without substantial rain in the forecast, the Town’s wells require longer to regain water levels.

"This has been a real partnership between the Town and the community in managing our water resources," said Infrastructure and Operations Director Chris Radford. "The result is that our water reservoirs have been able to recuperate. However, southern Alberta is experiencing a significant drought that will continue to impact our watershed and we will monitor the balance between supply and demand over the long weekend to ensure water levels can be sustained."

The Town will continue to update the community on water use throughout the summer. For more information, go to

For media inquiries contact:
Chris Radford
Operations and Infrastructure Director
Tel: (403) 938-8922

July 28, 2017

Okotoks issues outdoor water ban  

The Town of Okotoks has issued a mandatory outdoor water ban. All residents and businesses must cease all outdoor water use immediately.

The sustained heat wave southern Alberta has experienced over the past few weeks, compounded by the lack of precipitation, has impacted the Sheep River water level, while demand has spiked. The outdoor watering schedule has not resulted in enough reduction in water use and demand is particularly high during the scheduled outdoor watering times.

Public compliance is required to eliminate all outdoor water use immediately, including:

  • Watering established lawns, trees or shrubs (Hand watering will still be permitted using a container or a hose with a manual trigger nozzle but only for flowerbeds, vegetable gardens or new trees and shrubs).
  • Washing driveways, vehicles or houses
  • Filling hot tubs or swimming pools
  • Running sprinklers for any use (including recreational)
  • Bulk water supply at the operations centre is closed

The Town is reducing its water use by eliminating irrigation except for recently sodded areas, where non-potable water is being used or where non-potable systems exist (e.g. Riverside Park).

The Town appreciates the stress that these unusually hot days can produce for families and encourages them to visit the town’s indoor recreation facilities or the spray park since it uses recycled water.

Staff will be monitoring the situation and will re-evaluate the ban next week. With the forecast for the next seven days calling for continued hot, dry weather, it will likely remain in place until substantial rainfall occurs.

Lack of compliance with the outdoor watering ban may result in possible enforcement and fines.

The Town thanks all residents for working with the Town and EPCOR to manage this valuable resource.

For media inquiries contact:
Chris Radford
Operations and Infrastructure Director
Tel: (403) 938-8922