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August 9, 2018 update

Allendale Road and 2 right lanes of Calgary Trail near Allendale Road remain closed to ensure public safety while we complete urgent drainage repairs.

The traffic impacts at this time are shown on the map below:

  • Eastbound Allendale Road is closed from 61 Avenue to Calgary Trail.
  • Westbound Allendale Road is closed from Calgary Trail to 105 Street.
  • The 2 right lanes of Calgary Trail (southbound) are closed.

We are making significant progress on repairs, and expect to reduce road closures in the near future. Read the timeline for repairs for details.


What's happening

An underground void was identified during an inspection of a manhole near the intersection of Allendale Road and Calgary Trail. There are indications of instability on the road surface above the void.

Analysis has shown that the void starts about 16 metres under the road, and extends seven metres down to the 23-metre mark under the road. It is estimated at about 700 cubic meters, which is about 120 concrete truck loads. A 1.2-metre-diameter drainage line runs east to west at this depth.

Nearby businesses are safe. Based on our assessments so far, it appears the void area is entirely under Allendale Road.

What we're doing

Public safety remains EPCOR's top priority. However, we are making significant progress towards making repairs:

  • Damage to the drainage trunk line created an opening about 2 feet by 2 feet. The opening has been plugged.
  • We are now proceeding to fill the void using FillCrete, a self-compacting material consisting of sand and cement mix, which rapidly hardens and develops excellent load-bearing properties.
  • This filling process will be completed in stages to allow the material to settle into the spaces and to ensure no impact to the drainage infrastructure.

​Timeline for repairs

  • We anticipate removing the Calgary Trail closures once the void has been filled, likely late next week.
  • Toward the end of next week we will begin to set-up over the manhole to install a shaft to get down to the drainage trunk line.
  • Once the shaft has been set-up and it is anticipated that one lane of eastbound Allendale Road will be opened—likely the week of August 27.
  • Once the shaft reaches the trunk line we will inspect and clean the tunnel then rehabilitate the damaged portion of the line.
  • This work is expected to begin the week of August 20 and should last about 3 months.
  • A ground depression was detected on westbound Allendale Road. We believe this is unrelated to the void, but we are investigating.
  • We anticipate repairing this subsidence and reopening the westbound lanes in about 2-3 weeks.

More information

  • The work and the timelines are estimates and may change based on safety and work conditions and the condition assessments of the drainage infrastructure as the project progresses.
  • We will keep the public up-to-date on the situation and how it will impact them.