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What's happening

An underground void was identified during an inspection of a manhole near the intersection of Allendale Road and Calgary Trail. The boundaries of the void have now been closely determined, and a concrete mixture has been pumped in to fill the void.

Now that the void is substantially filled, we've begun work to repair the damaged manhole. We'll remove the damaged manhole and install a new manhole in its place. Once the new manhole is built, we'll inspect and clean the trunk sewer line. After construction, additional soil stabilization activities will take place to mitigate the risk of settlement and cracking of the road surface over time.

Timeline for repairs

We anticipate the manhole replacement and the cleaning, and inspection of the trunk sewer line to take approximately three months. However, the timeline is an estimate and may change based on safety, weather and work conditions as well as the condition assessments of the drainage infrastructure as the project progresses. The timeline for long-term soil stabilization is still being determined.

Traffic impacts

  • Calgary Trail and westbound Allendale Road have been reopened.
  • The left and centre lanes of eastbound Allendale Road will remain closed for the duration of the work
  • The far right lane of eastbound Allendale Road is open.

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