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The High Level Bridge Shines a New Light on Our City

July 11, 2014


The community-driven Light the Bridge project flipped the switch and officially debuted on July 1. The lights were specifically programmed for Canada Day with red-and-white LEDs dancing along to a recording of O Canada, performed by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, and broadcasted on CKUA radio.

The fireworks began during the final minute of the program, illuminating the thousands of onlookers lining the banks of the North Saskatchewan's river valley.

Dave and his crews spent the weeks leading up to the event making last-minute tweaks to the installation and software program used to animate around 60,000 LED fixtures. Their goal? To create a beautiful "wash" effect with soft, glowing colours.

With a wash effect, onlookers won't see the actual light fixtures themselves — just reflections of light off the surface of the bridge. "A wash effect is really dramatic from close up," said Dave. "It's more elegant, as well."

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