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Report Details Our Commitment to Sustainability

May 21, 2014
Published In: Corporate Responsibility

What matters the most to you as an EPCOR customer? Is it how we treat our customers, or our practices around our own people? Are you passionate about community or the environment? Or are you more interested in EPCOR's progress as a responsible and growing business?

You can find out how EPCOR is doing on all of these fronts — and what we're doing to move forward — in our 2013 Corporate Accountability Report. The report is available exclusively online.

The report is designed to provide information we believe is important to all our stakeholders about our economic, social and environmental responsibilities.

Holding ourselves accountable and reporting transparently on our progress is one way EPCOR demonstrates that we mean what we say about delivering value to our shareholder, and caring for our people, our customers, and our environment.

Among the sustainability topics and information covered in our report:

  • Business of EPCOR, including products and services, governance, financial results, recent developments and awards
  • Customers and communities served
  • Workforce numbers, turnover, and programs
  • Pension, benefits, and union relationships
  • Health, safety and environment performance
  • Watershed and biodiversity programs
  • Ethics programs, complaints and actions
  • Community investment dollars and programs
  • Water and wastewater performance
  • Electricity reliability
  • Customer satisfaction and practices
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