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HIV Edmonton Nourishing Body And Mind Through A Unique Food Program

January 16, 2014
Published In: Community Investment

The EPCOR Community Essentials Council presents a $20,000 cheque to support HIV Edmonton.

Lewis has struggled with homelessness and addictions for much of his life. Growing up, he hadn't been taught many important life skills, including how to buy groceries and prepare a healthy meal. After being diagnosed with HIV, he knew taking care of his health needed to become a priority.  

HIV Edmonton is dedicated to making life better for people living with HIV and AIDS. A $20,000 grant from the EPCOR Community Essentials Council will support a food program dedicated to providing nourishment to their clients.

"The Food Chain program is vital because many people living with HIV struggle to meet their basic needs," says Laura Keegan, Director of Resource Development and Public Engagement. "In addition to providing food, the program also allows us to connect with our clients to reduce feelings of isolation they may be experiencing."

The program goes beyond providing healthy meals and companionship by also teaching clients budgeting skills and basic financial literacy.

"We provide opportunities for independence and development in a warm, supportive and safe place," explains Laura. "HIV no longer has to be a death sentence, but it is a life sentence. We try to make that life enjoyable and full of opportunity."

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