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In May 2019, a joint application was filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) requesting that ownership and operations of Brooke Water be transferred to EPCOR.

The request to transfer ownership from Brooke to EPCOR is currently being reviewed by the ACC (Docket #WS-01303A-19-0092), which regulates all private water utilities in Arizona.


​Located in unincorporated La Paz County, Brooke is located near the Town of Parker along the Colorado River in western Arizona. Just 45 minutes away from EPCOR's existing water service area in Lake Havasu City, Brooke provides water service to approximately 2,100 customers.

EPCOR has a 125-year history of providing safe and reliable service and we're looking forward to welcoming Brooke customers into the EPCOR family as early as late spring 2020. Until then, Brooke will continue to provide water service as it does today.

Benefits to customers
​With 132 awards for safety and operational excellence, our priority is providing safe and reliable service for our customers. But safety and reliability aren't the only benefits customers receive with EPCOR. Every day, our dedicated team of water and customer service professionals delivers:
  • Around-the-clock service and emergency response
  • Dedicated and locally based customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Personal account access and management through our website and our mobile app
  • Local operations and water quality expertise, supported by more than 160 Arizona-based and certified operations and engineering professionals
  • Continuous and planned infrastructure maintenance and repairs to get ahead of problems before they occur
Proposed rates

​Rates for private utilities in Arizona, like Brooke and EPCOR, are based on actual costs and capital investments that occurred at a past point in time. The rates in effect today for Brooke customers date back to 1992, nearly 30 years ago.

In 2017 Brooke filed an application to update rates – that application was put on hold by the ACC while a transfer of ownership was explored. In 2019, Brooke's rate application was combined with EPCOR's request to acquire and, in October 2019, the proposed rates in Brooke's application were updated.

The application filed by Brooke and EPCOR in May 2019 includes two proposed rate scenarios for the ACC to consider. The first proposal would integrate Brooke into EPCOR's existing Havasu district and rate structure, phased in over a two-year period, helping to fund infrastructure improvements that the Brooke system still needs to ensure safety and reliability for its customers. EPCOR's Havasu customers will see no changes to their rates.

The second scenario shows the impact to customers' monthly bills if Brooke is not acquired by EPCOR, as well as future increases to rates that would be necessary to fund the same critical infrastructure improvements.

The regulatory process

Private utilities in Arizona, including Brooke and EPCOR, are regulated by the ACC through a public process that includes a detailed review, a public hearing, and opportunities for customers to be involved in the process. In October 2019, each Brooke and Havasu customer received a copy of the Procedural Notice that provides the application timeline and details, including:

A decision by the ACC is not expected until spring 2020, at the earliest.