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Dec. 21-23: 125th anniversary light show on the High Level Bridge

December 19, 2016
Published In: #waterandwires

​Local Edmonton lighting designer Scott Peters, who has designed several looks for the High Level Bridge, including Canada Day and Christmas, shares what makes his latest design unique:

"The inspiration for the lighting design came from the way EPCOR helped build the city of Edmonton starting in 1891 with the first street lamps. "


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"The design attempts to tell the story of how the biggest little town of Edmonton was powered and watered to eventually grow into what it is today. With the use of the tens of thousands of LED lights on the High Level Bridge, I attempt to show scenes of the flowing water of the mighty North Saskatchewan River, the city slowly growing up, the power of electricity and water, the ever-changing colors of our seasons and northern sky, and a look to Edmonton's future as time marches on. This lighting design is a constantly moving, shimmering, and changing light show that takes about 30 minutes to complete a cycle. Unlike what we are used to seeing on the High Level Bridge, this design is always in motion. Although the lights sometimes move very slowly, and at times may even look static, one just needs to look at one small section for a few seconds to realise that it is indeed always in motion: a very interesting optical illusion."

"It is significant to use the latest in street light technology to represent the anniversary of the very first street lamps in Edmonton. With even better lighting technology on the horizon, we can only marvel at what our city might look like, all lit up, in the next 125 years."

Catching the show

The show will run on 30-minute rotations. Some great viewing locations are: Ezio Faraone Park and Kinsman Park.  History buff? Learn more about Edmonton's electrical history through the Edmonton Power Historical Foundation.