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Application to Add Laughlin Ranch to Mohave Water District

November 21, 2016
Published In: Water

​EPCOR provides service to nearly 33,000 people in Bullhead City through the Mohave water district, which is next to the Laughlin Ranch community. LR Water (the current water provider) was intended as a temporary water service solution for Laughlin Ranch and EPCOR has agreed to become the new water service provider for the community. To do this, we've submitted an application to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to extend our existing Mohave water district to include Laughlin Ranch.

If the ACC approves the request, EPCOR would become the new water service provider for Laughlin Ranch as early as the end of the year. Until then, Laughlin Ranch customers will still receive service from LR Water.

What's changing?

24/7 customer service

With EPCOR, Laughlin Ranch homeowners will now have 24/7 customer service, 365 days a year. Whether it's a question about your account or you need service support, you'll be able to reach a member of our Customer Care team or login to your online account portal anytime you need. 

Rates for water service in the Mohave Water District

Water is a valuable resource. Costs to provide water and water service are increasing as resources are strained, systems age and must be maintained, repaired and replaced, and federal and state requirements for safe drinking water must be met. It is no longer sustainable for LR Water to provide water service at no cost to homeowners and regardless of who the Laughlin Ranch service provider is in the future, water service will no longer be provided free of charge.

If the ACC approves EPCOR's request, Laughlin Ranch will become part of the Mohave water district and customers would pay the rates that are in effect today for that district. Rates for water service in the Mohave water district are set by the ACC based on the reasonable costs and investments necessary to maintain the system and provide service. You can find those rates on our rates and tariffs  page. 

Charges for water service include a basic service charge plus charges based on the amount of water an individual customer uses. The average customer in the Mohave water district with a ¾-inch meter uses 15,167 gallons of water each month and pays a monthly bill of $54.72 .

Improving your water and your water service

At EPCOR Water, the quality and safety of the water we provide are our top priority and it is our goal to meet or surpass all federal and state water quality standards.

Federal water quality standards designed to protect public health are set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The water that EPCOR Water treats and delivers to customers meets all Federal and state drinking water standards, and we are bringing that commitment to the community of Laughlin Ranch.

We understand that, in the past, in-home treatment systems were needed. But EPCOR's treatment and distribution system is more comprehensive and does that work for you. If the ACC approves EPCOR's request to become your new water service provider, we'll be connecting the Laughlin Ranch community to EPCOR's water system so your water will comply with drinking water standards before it arrives at your tap and you'll no longer need the point-of-use treatment system inside your home.

Customers will be notified when they no longer need to use the point-of-use system. However, until EPCOR becomes your water provider we are unable to provide advice or direction on the use of the units.

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