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Changes to Mohave Water Rates

July 28, 2016

​Rates are based on the costs to provide your service and make any repairs and replacements required to keep the wastewater system running properly. Your rates are always lower than what it costs to run the system. Typically, it takes two years or more for maintenance and repair costs to be applied to your rates. 

Learn more about how rates are set.

Base Wastewater Rate

Mohave wastewater service is based on a flat rate. Increases to Mohave's rates are being phased in over 3 years. On September 1, 2016, the second step will go into effect and the monthly service charge for residential customers will be $71.07.

The Value of Water

Tap water costs a lot less than what you pay for a soda, a glass of milk, a gallon of gas or a cup of coffee. Take milk, for example: A gallon costs about $2. But a gallon of tap water? It only costs a penny. Water offers the best value for a buck.

Water and wastewater systems – the pipes and plants and wells that deliver water to your tap and take it away when you're done with it – need maintenance just like cars and homes. They need regular care and attention. As they get older and wear out, they need to be fixed and replaced.

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