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Special report: Ensuring reliability and providing support for communities

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities, organizations are taking necessary measures to ensure safety in all ways possible. Last year, at the onset of public health restrictions, EPCOR adapted and provided all the presentation elements of our annual AGM online — a practice that we continue for the 2020 report. 

While it appears recovery is ahead in the coming months, health and safety is a priority at EPCOR and in how we operate in the communities we serve. We anticipate and look forward to resuming in-person gatherings in 2022.

This special 2020 AGM online feature shares details on the commitment we've demonstrated to our communities and the progress made over the last year, as well as a look ahead at 2021. It is designed to provide our sole shareholder, the City of Edmonton, and its citizens an opportunity to learn about EPCOR's progress and outlook, and to connect with us on any questions

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all stats and figures provided represent EPCOR Utilities Inc. and its subsidiaries as of December 31, 2020.

Message from Janice Rennie

Chair of EPCOR's Board of Directors

Message from Janice Rennie

Message from Stuart Lee

EPCOR President & CEO

Message from Stuart Lee

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   EPCOR's operations today and vision
for tomorrow

Explore the locations where we operate and our vision
to serve the future.

EPCOR today and looking forward


Annual results

Review Our 2020 financial and operational results.

Annual results

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Investments and growth

Discover the investments made over the last year and the progress and growth generated across Canada and the United States.

Growing our business


Value for our customers,
care for communities

Learn about the value EPCOR has brought to communities, and how our focus on care and engagement made a difference for the communities we serve, and for our teams.

Value for our customers, care for our communities

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Submit your questions

Your voice matters. While we are once again restricted from having an in-person public AGM, we still look forward to hearing your questions and to responding, just as we would at the meeting. From April 27 until the end of business day April 30, you can submit questions using the form below. We will strive to address all questions by May 7, 2021, one week after the close of this submission form.

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