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Financial performance


Measure 2020 2019 2018
Dividend 171 171 166
Revenues 1,988 1,864 1,758
Net income 276 231 295
Investment in capital projects and acquisitions 938 786 653

For explanations and comprehensive reporting, read our 2020 reports:

Operational performance

Measure 2020 2019 2018

Safety (total recordable injury frequency, lower is better) — all of EPCOR

1.03 1.44 2.35
Electricity reliability (length of average power outage, in minutes) — Edmonton 36.8 46.7 53.4
Water network reliability (number of water main breaks) — Edmonton 201 298 345
Drainage service connections — average completion time (weeks) — Edmonton 2.53 2.31  4.67
Wastewater effluent quality (lower is better)1 — Edmonton 20% 26% 27%
Customer satisfaction (% of customers who were satisfied or very satisfied after contacting our Contact Center) 91% 87% 90%

1 Wastewater effluent quality is a measure of the percentage of the Gold Bar wastewater treatment plant's actual final effluent quality relative to its discharge limits for five parameters.

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