Quality We provide more because you deserve more. Learn how we go above and beyond the minimum standards to produce high-quality water that’s clean and safe to drink – and tastes great, too.​

Delivering Water to You

Delivering Water to You ​​Learn what happens to water before you turn on your tap, and then after you flush your toilet. Follow Edmonton’s drinking water supply from source to tap and back to the river again.

Protecting the Environment

Protecting the Environment ​The health of our water supply affects us today – and tomorrow. Learn more about our efforts to protect our watershed and what you can do to ensure your grandkids have access to clean, safe water.​

Rates, Terms & Conditions

Rates, Terms & Conditions ​EPCOR's water rates and service-related information for residential and small business customers in Edmonton.

Commercial Customers

Commercial Customers ​Here's what you need to know as an EPCOR commercial customer, including rates and information about water mains, hydrants, and leak detection.

Value of Water

Value of Water ​Learn about the complex systems and continued investment it takes to deliver clean and safe water to your tap every day. And find out what you can do to conserve and protect our water system.

EPCOR's Drainage Transfer Proposal