What happened?

EPCOR customers experienced power outages in the Windermere area yesterday. The outages were caused by an equipment failure which then caused a fuse to blow and cut power to approximately 1,100 customers.

The equipment was challenging to repair and as a result customers experienced intermittent power outages from around 12:15 to 8:00 PM Thursday (January 3). We called in 4 crews to manually reroute power and fix the damaged equipment as quickly and as safely as possible.

Why did the power go on and off?

During the repair some customers had the power coming on briefly and then going off. This is caused by the manual process of rerouting power. Crews direct power to different circuits in turn to restore power safely, balance the load and ensure system reliability.

Why have there been outages in Windermere?

As new neighbourhoods are developing, power outages are required to add new subdivisions to the electricity grid. The Windermere area has seen significant growth in the last couple of years and has experienced construction-related outages. The electricity system in this area is new and we are actively addressing and planning for further growth.

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