5 ways to pay your bill

* Please note: we do not accept credit cards for regular bill payments.

1. Authorized Payment Withdrawal (APW) 

We make paying your bill easy and convenient with our payment plans. Have your bills paid automatically from your bank account by signing up for Authorized Payment Withdrawls (APW)

Sign up for or learn more about or payment plans.

2. Online

Go paperless with epost, a convenient, secure service provided by Canada Post. With this free service, you'll be able to receive, store and pay your bills in one place online - epost in one location.

Receiving your bill through epost

Sign up for online billing through epost and you will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail. You'll receive your bill, bill inserts and customer newsletters in an electronic format. Epost also allows you to save and retrieve your bills online for up to seven years.

Paying your bill through epost

You can sign up to view and pay your EPCOR bill online with epost through most major financial institutions by selecting the ‘ebills’ link.

3. Telephone or online banking

Pay online or by telephone with services provided by most major banks. Visit your bank’s website and follow their directions for setting up online payment.

4. at your bank

Make a payment at your bank through a teller or at a bank machine.

5. Mail

To pay your bill by mail, use the pre-addressed envelope included with your bill statement or mail to the address in the contact box.

Credit Cards

We do not accept credit card payments on a regular basis as this would require us to include the processing fees, charged to us by credit card companies, into our rates. Overall, the cost of processing a credit card payment is significantly higher than other payment methods.

Under the current rate structure approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission, credit card fees would be passed on to all ratepayers, whether they pay by credit card or not.

To avoid transferring these fees to all customers, we don’t accept credit cards for regular bill payments.

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